12 February 2010

Green Smoothie Challenge: Joining the Movement

I am always looking for ways to improve mind, body or spirit. So I readily accepted an invitation to participate in the Six Week Green Smoothie Challenge offered at www.vegetarianhealthcoach.net.  During the challenge, one drinks 32oz green smoothies consisting of fruit, greens, and fermented dairy products either (1) every day for three days in a week, (2) every other day or (3) every day.  The Green Smoothie Challenge was proposed as a practical and delicious way to add more fruit and green leafy vegetables to a diet. This blog documents my experience with the challenge of consuming greens, fruit, and kefir in increased quantities and in unexpected combinations.

For the challenge, I was encouraged to purchased seasonal ingredients and to support local farms. So my first task was to visit the Farmers Market in Downtown Dallas. The temperatures on that day were below freezing. But a few dedicated farmers  and conscious consumers met in the marketplace. I also shopped at Whole Foods for organic and naturally grown products that were not available at the Farmers Market.

I must admit my participation in the challenge was more out of curiosity than a desire to transform my relationship with vegetables, improve my digestion, lose weight or simply eat more fruits and vegetables.  Since my diet was already plant based, I (erroneously) thought that green smoothies did not have much to offer me.  I definitely underestimated the benefits. But more on that later.

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