12 February 2010

Green Smoothie Challenge: Tropical Green

At the end of my first week of the Green Smoothie Challenge (offered at www.vegetarianhealthcoach.net), I made another spinach based smoothie called Tropical Green. This smoothie was a mix of spinach (2 cups), pineapple (1 cup), a banana, and kefir (1 cup).  Since I love spinach and pineapple, I had really high expectations for this one.  It was good but surprisingly it has not proved to be my favorite.  I have discovered that the taste of these smoothies is highly subjective.  For example, I shared many of the smoothies with my co-workers. And there was no consensus about which smoothie is the BEST smoothie. Everyone had their own favorite based on their own personal tastes. So I think in some ways the smoothie challenge is really an experiment. Experimenting with different flavors and combinations to find what one likes and dislike. The pictures below show the evolution of my Tropical Green smoothie:


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